Nominee Name

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Nominee Name

A name that is used by the corporation as a generic registered owner on a stock or bond certificate. The use of nominee names makes the processing of security transfers easier.

Nominee Name

The brokerage or other company that is the legal owner of a security held on behalf of a client. Even though the client is the actual owner, the nominee holds title to the security because this makes the legalities of transferring the security easier if and when it is sold. The nominee must turn the security over to the client if requested. The nominee name is also called the street name. See also: Beneficial Ownership, Safekeeping.

Nominee name.

Nominee name is the name that a brokerage firm uses to register ownership of stocks or bonds it holds for investors.

Holding stock in a single generic name, sometimes known as street name, makes it easier to transfer ownership when the securities are traded.

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It was important for me to use the design to depict the correlations between the artforms, dates and the nominee names.
One channel of XPression played a keyable HD trophy animation with nominee names, while the other channel played a HD matte, which revealed DVE boxes with stars in the audience.
Nominee names can be submitted either by: FEI national office, FEI local chapters and chapter members, sponsors, self-nominations and others via FEI's dedicated website for nominations.
Although registration requirements of the SEC are thorough regarding disclosure and companies are subject to fines and penalties for noncompliance, the laws do not protect investors from the ownership of shares in nominee names.
Even a search of share registers would not turn up much information as the shares would usually be held in the nominee names of the various banks.
From offshore bank accounts in nominee names and offshore companies, to the use of false names and trading entities and even a hole in the garden as a cash safety deposit, the defendant went to extraordinary lengths to hide a decade of undeclared, untaxed accumulated riches.
But an increasing number of firms are opening up their schemes and brokers are making it their business to ensure their nominee names get their fair share of perks.
But an increasing number of firms are not only opening up their schemes, but brokers are making it their business to ensure their nominee names get their fair share of perks.
Therefore, transactions such as numbered Swiss bank accounts in nominee names are legal and afford an element of financial privacy.
Existing members must first nominate lawyers who wish to be members, and then nominee names are submitted to the executive committee for a vote.
It is never allowed to use nominee names in Spain, France and Portugal but it may be authorised in:- the Netherlands for PLCs, PRLLCs, associations, co-operatives and foundations;- Sweden for PLCs and PRLLCs;- Germany for PLCs, LPSCs, PRllCs, partnership, LPs, co-operatives , companies governed by civil law and EEIGs.