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It is a gem, and `Full many a gem,' as the poet says, has been allowed to go at a nominal price because the public knew no better, because it was offered in circles where there was--I was going to say a low feeling, but no
at a nominal price, or even getting it for nothing.
KUWAIT, Dec 31 (KUNA) -- Providing food security is amongst the chief priorities for the government and since the establishment of the Kuwait Supplies Company in 1972, ration cards played an important role in providing high-quality goods to consumers with nominal prices.
16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Over the course of several months, Kessler International purchased a variety of used USB devices in all shapes and sizes, including ones modeled after fictional characters Darth Vader, Yoda and Homer Simpson from various different sellers on eBay for nominal prices ranging from $1.
Customers can select special boxes of various sizes to pack their products and items at nominal prices to ensure safety of their parcels.
Millions of rupees worth plots have been sold to the Chairman and Directors with nominal prices.
In order to promote the concept of kitchen garden, the Department of Agriculture is also offering different vegetable seedlings, including hybrid vegetable seedlings, at nominal prices.
Khansaheb stressed that the main objective of this service is also to meet the needs of residents in Dubai and tourists and visitors by organizing their special occasions at the heart of the sea and at nominal prices compared to others, and navigate through the waves in order to spend a good time on board of the ferry.
Some are forced to sell their plots at nominal prices and buy land near their offices, so that it is easier for them to commute to their workplaces.
He went on to say that current oil prices are nominal prices, adding that if one wants to find out real prices based on 2000 as the reference year, the real value of the current prices should be deemed at 70 or 80 dollars per barrel that cannot harm world economy.
Based on analysis, the report found that the highest percentage of value traded (34 percent) YTD has come from stocks with nominal prices under SR15 (up from an average of 18-19 percent in 2010-2011).
The plates will be offered at their nominal prices which range from Dh1,110 to Dh2,610 as the underlying objective of selling motorbike plates is not to make profit," he continued.