nominal price

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Nominal price

Price quotations on futures for a period in which no actual trading took place.

Nominal Price

An estimated price that may or may not resemble an asset's market price. A nominal price may be established as part of a negotiation, or as an arbitrary, initial price when a product has just been introduced.

nominal price

the PRICE of a PRODUCT or FINANCIAL SECURITY measured in terms of current prevailing price levels, that is, making no allowance for the effects of INFLATION. Contrast REAL PRICE. See PAR VALUE.
References in classic literature ?
It is a gem, and `Full many a gem,' as the poet says, has been allowed to go at a nominal price because the public knew no better, because it was offered in circles where there was--I was going to say a low feeling, but no
at a nominal price, or even getting it for nothing.
He said that registered pets will be micro chipped and their DNA Tests will be conducted on nominal prices.
Director of the Damascus Countryside branch of the Syrian Trade Establishment Ahmed al-Hennawi said that the trucks were sent at the request of Damascus Countryside Governorate, and that their contents are to be sold to the locals of Madaya and Boukein towns at nominal prices, noting that these materials will compliment the supplies provided by The Relief Sub-Committee in Damascus Countryside in cooperation with The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).
Nisar after holding a meeting with Chief Commissioner Islamabad said that they would not allow using laws for obtaining lands of poor people on nominal prices.
Some are forced to sell their plots at nominal prices and buy land near their offices, so that it is easier for them to commute to their workplaces.
Based on analysis, the report found that the highest percentage of value traded (34 percent) YTD has come from stocks with nominal prices under SR15 (up from an average of 18-19 percent in 2010-2011).
However, we do not expect nominal prices at the level of this year to remain.
Virtually all real assets have risen sharply since QEII became likely, even Western equity markets in countries struggling for growth, suggesting that the debasement of the dollar has pushed up nominal prices, rather than real prices across a broad range of assets around the world.
Once one assumes that nominal prices do not continuously adjust to clear markets, one has to decide how these prices are set in the first place.
Other policies adoped by Union to keep prices under control, include a direct import policy to avoid brokers and sub agents, and to go for alternative product lines taking into account, nominal prices and good quality.
This paper develops a technique that can be used to apportion improvements in an index of quality-adjusted price between changes in nominal prices and quality improvements in the high-tech product.