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3bn to the Swiss bank, and Nick Leeson, a self-proclaimed 'original rogue trader', said that the new rules that would apply to bankers, asset managers and hedge funds would fail
Rogue trader Nick Leeson says he wants to "help people to not make the same mistakes I did".
Nick Leeson claimed Risk Team Limited would help "raise risk awareness around human behaviour, culture, conduct and corporate governance issues".
1995: Nick Leeson is sentenced for financial dealings which contributed to the fall of Britain's oldest merchant bank.
IN A case that hinted at the turmoil to come in the world's unregulated global financial markets, rogue trader Nick Leeson was jailed for six-and-a-half years in December 1995.
I was watching Rogue Trader the other day - it's the film of how Nick Leeson brought down Barings Bank.
Speculation and dreadful decisions led to the loss of millions of pounds at Baring's by the hapless Nick Leeson, who received a substantial prison sentence in Singapore.
2 billion may yet carve out a new career for himself, judging by yesterday's bidding war for interviews with Nick Leeson, who brought down Britain's Barings.
Nick Leeson, the former trader who caused the collapse of Barings Bank in 1995, has landed the top job at Galway United Football Club in Ireland.
2 Nick Leeson was arrested for his part in the collapse of Barings Bank.
NICK Leeson, the futures trader who lost millions in dodgy dealings, is to advise Midland business leaders - on how to make money.
ROGUE trader Nick Leeson has praised Ireland for refusing to treat him like a criminal - while taking a potshot at the 'tight-arsed' English.