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Chen was indicted on new corruption charges in May, as prosecutors said during his eight years in office, he and his wife took 10 million New Taiwan dollars in bribes from a local businesswoman, and demanded bribes and donations totaling 300 million New Taiwan dollars from a former banker.
The development plan is hoped to generate 23,000 jobs and an annual economic output of 30 billion New Taiwan dollars (about $1.
Chiou said another election would cost several million new Taiwan dollars, which would put a heavy burden on DPP coffers already depleted by the recent elections.
2 million), due to depreciating New Taiwan dollars.
A supplementary budget of 160 billion New Taiwan dollars (4.
will be capitalized at 300 million New Taiwan dollars (about 9.
20 Kyodo Three of Japan's leading pop music acts met with Taiwan's Vice President Lien Chan on Monday to present him with 10 million New Taiwan dollars (33 million yen) that was raised at a Tokyo charity concert for the victims of Taiwan's massive September earthquake.
Vehicle owners who refuse to follow the government order can be slapped with prison sentences of between one and seven years or fines of up to 5 million New Taiwan dollars (about 15,700 U.
97 billion New Taiwan dollars with 2,840,310 lots of 1,000 shares changing hands compared with a 121.
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