Neural Nets

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Neural Nets

Models which mimic the massive parallel processing that occurs in the brain.

Neural Net

A computerized system designed to imitate human thought. Specifically, neural nets are designed to make or recommend investment decisions in light of changing circumstances in a market. Using neural nets has become more common as computers have become more accessible.
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At the initial stage of functioning of the artificial life, the neural net weights of agents are initialized by some random values (the behavior of the players is chaotic and senseless; their impacts with the ball are unpredictable).
Neural Net The results reported here derive exclusively from analyses based on standard neural nets using backpropagation based on standard logistic squashing, momentum, and varying learning rates (cf.
Neural nets map information from one or more input nodes into an output node (equivalent to a regressand).
Petroni outline a model of epileptic phenomena grounded on the correlation processes in cellular neural nets, providing a further connection between neural nets theory and the actual possibility of applying it in diagnostics.
Those who have used neural nets and inductive learning for intrusion detection and for research found them to be successful and effective, Chu said.
The neural nets developed in this research are equivalent to templates for market based, capitalist economies.
The particular statistical tool that seems most appropriate for this task is the neural net (Neural Networks, Laurene Fausett, Prentice Hall, 1994).
Neural nets are already good at recognizing objects and people in photographs.
Neural nets learn by training, not by being programmed.
In that event, it would take information about both neural nets and cell biology to understand and to artificially create a conscious mind.

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