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I monitored the activities of neo-conservatives and the Israel lobby and the Likudniks in the media, and selected items that deserved some comment.
Amid putting on a two-and-a-half day conference focused on escalating measures against Iran, a neo-conservative think-tank held a fundraiser at the residence of Pakistan's ambassador to the US, according to an Inter Press Service (IPS) investigation.
As a non-Arab Muslim state, neo-conservatives viewed Turkey as an important part of a security belt to protect Israel - a buffer between the Muslim world on one side and Israel and the West on the other - and those who sought to fully integrate Israeli security goals into US national security policy, saw Turkey as a more reliable ally than Arab states like Egypt and Jordan.
Does the long-term demise (and maybe extinction) of the GOP leave the neo-conservatives up the creek without a paddle?
Perle dismisses the widely believed notion that a cabal of neo-conservative advisers hijacked policymaking on Iraq and the Middle East and convinced the President to wage a war that was not in America's interest.
Neo-conservatives may be sincere in their proclaimed desire to spread the blessings of democracy and free market capitalism to all the world's peoples.
But like Boot, a great deal of what Wattenberg writes--inadvertently and in some cases deliberately--makes the paleos' case that contemporary neo-conservatives are really the "boat people of the McGovern revolution" rather than real conservatives.
The "Obamacons" are American conservatives who voted for Barack Obama because they wanted to punish the neo-conservatives, and the impulse is at least understandable.
Iran is building a nuclear power plant which is irritating the neo-Conservatives - among whom is the strong Jewish lobby in Washington.
For all we know, he might have thought that he did have such a wand, but with the almost total demise of the neo-conservative clique, save for vice president Chenney, it turned out that the wand lost its effect with the loss of influence of the neo-conservatives.
However, the deep recession of the early 1980s, the slow progress in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade [GATT] negotiations, and the lack of progress in developing a 'third way' for Canada's trade with countries outside the US provided the neo-conservatives with the argument that the post-war Keynesian nationalist (and social-democratic) economic strategy was failing and more radical, market-based alternatives were needed to address Canada's economic problems.
For the most part, neo-conservatives have been able to avoid the poverty of their politics through a strategy of diversion: narrowing politics down to the questions of consumption, seen for example through the real estate and commodity boom and, more ominously, into time-worn forms of fear-mongering, exemplified by such tactics as playing on fears, encouraging xenophobia and projecting problems into the cultural sphere--hence the culture and history wars.