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Net Asset Value

In stocks and businesses, an expression of the underlying value of the company. That is, it is a statement of the value of the company's assets minus the value of its liabilities. One way of thinking about the net asset value is that it is the underlying value of a company, not the value dictated by the supply and demand of shares or its market capitalization. It is also called the book value.


Net asset value (NAV).

The NAV is the dollar value of one share of a fund. It's calculated by totaling the value of all the fund's holdings plus money awaiting investment, subtracting operating expenses, and dividing by the number of outstanding shares.

A fund's NAV changes regularly, though day-to-day variations are usually small.

The NAV is the price per share an open-end mutual fund pays when you redeem, or sell back, your shares. With no-load mutual funds, the NAV and the offering price, or what you pay to buy a share, are the same. With front-load funds, the offering price is the sum of the NAV and the sales charge per share and is sometimes known as the maximum offering price (MOP).

The NAV of an exchange traded fund (ETF) or a closed-end mutual fund may be higher or lower than the market price of a share of the fund. With an ETF, though, the difference is usually quite small because of a unique mechanism that allows institutional investors to buy or redeem large blocks of shares at the NAV with in-kind baskets of the fund's stocks.

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The procedures performed by surgical navigation systems reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections and hospital stay, cause minimal blood loss, scarring, and less pain, thus leading to quick recovery and a better clinical outcome.
For the purpose of this report, the In-Dash Navigation Systems market refers to Geographical Positioning System (GPS) navigation unit that is built into the dashboard of the vehicle.
However, the market is facing some challenges which can inhibit the growth, such as, high cost of In-Dash Navigation Systems.
Figure 5-14: Worldwide - Demand for Telematics and Navigation Systems (in Billion Units), 2008e
The navigation system in the Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ includes the following:
As a result, the market will witness reduced monopoly of navigation system suppliers
msystems (Nasdaq:FLSH), a leader in smart personal storage, and Centrality Communications, a leading provider of Navigation Infotainment System (NIS) system-on-chip platforms, today announced the availability of a new solution to address the special on-board storage needs of advanced, in-car and portable navigation systems.
Litton Industries, a top maker of navigation systems and naval destroyers, announced Wednesday that it won a $250 million damage award and the possibility of $500 million more in a long-running antitrust fight with Honeywell Inc.
Army Tank and Automotive Command is for KVH's TACNAV Navigation Systems and is Potentially Worth $11.
The initiative underscores how conversational voice interfaces have become a simple and more direct way to access the broad range of information and features available on today's navigation systems, including music and media, hands-free dialing, points of interest, address entry, turn-by-turn directions and map control.

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