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Ln(NPW) is the natural logarithm of total net written premium; Ln(Capita/Assets) is the natural logarithm of total capital and surplus, including the interest maintenance reserve and asset valuation reserve.
Private pay price is the natural logarithm of the reported rice.
Estimated coefficients for variables affecting the natural logarithm of the income growth of the poorest quintile.
SUBS = natural logarithm of the number of subsidiaries
As has been shown in other viral pathogens, maternal antibody titers are assumed to follow a normal distribution after natural logarithm transformation and to experience a constant exponential decay over time after an infant's birth (1,12).
s], depends on the late-time slope, m, in a plot of the loop temperature versus the natural logarithm of time.
By setting out the natural logarithm of non-reacted portion -ln(1-y) to the time ([tau]) we acquire a straight line whose outline equals the speed constant of hydrolyzed starch (protein).
In both specifications, the dependent variable is the natural logarithm of real exports (EXR).
He settled on the use of the letter e for the natural logarithm, wrote the first complete treatise on differential calculus, and made breakthroughs in algebra, number theory, analytical geometry, optics and astronomy.
In a logistic regression analysis that controlled for maternal background characteristics, the odds that infants born to white women were low-birth-weight declined by 52% for every one-unit increase in the natural logarithm of adult family income.
06 Number of observations 64 64 64 NOTES: The dependent variable is the natural logarithm of the 1980-2000 average investment share in GDP.
A multiple linear regression model with the number of respiratory illness episodes per year as the dependent variable and the natural logarithm of endotoxin concentration as the primary independent variable of interest was built with the stepwise method.