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If the people were not tainted with the spirit of their State representatives, they, as the natural guardians of the Constitution, would throw their weight into the national scale and give it a decided preponderancy in the contest.
The song and the jest were exchanged the stories of former deeds were told with advantage; and at length, and while boasting of their successful infraction of the laws, no one recollected they were speaking in presence of their natural guardian.
The young lady and her natural guardian differ upon it, also.
My dear cousin," said Judge Pyncheon, with a quietude which he had the power of making more formidable than any violence, "since your brother's return, I have taken the precaution (a highly proper one in the near kinsman and natural guardian of an individual so situated) to have his deportment and habits constantly and carefully overlooked.
Reed must be written to, as she was my natural guardian.
3) the name and residence address of the natural guardians or other persons having legal custody of the minor;
Men and women are equal heads of the family; they are equal natural guardians too.
Mothers are legal guardians and trustees and they are not custodians or natural guardians,"
That can only be the natural guardians themselves, whether or not they hold political office and wield social power.
If so, paparazzi must seriously take care of themselves in the presence of natural guardians, who will take over the security of the Royal couple during the memorable event.
Otters act as natural guardians for the vulnerable water vole," he said.
CASE FACTS: On April 25, 2007, Shannon Jennings and Brandy Crawford, individually and as parents and natural guardians of Shelby Jennings, filed a petition in the District Court of Oklahoma County against Drs.