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Consolidated tape

Used for listed equity securities. Combined ticker tapes of the NYSE and the curb. Network A covers the NYSE-listed securities and is used to identify the originating market. Network B does the same for AMEX-listed securities and also reports on securities listed on regional stock exchanges. See: tape.

Consolidated Tape

A ticker tape that reports all trades on a security, regardless of where the trades take place. For example, a consolidated tape quote for IBM would show its prices on all exchanges on which IBM is traded, and not simply one or two. See also: Network A, Network B.

consolidated tape

An integrated reporting system of price and volume data for trades in listed securities in all markets in which the securities trade. Thus, the consolidated tape would report trades in General Motors stock not only from its principal market on the New York Stock Exchange but also from all the other markets in which it trades. See also Network A, Network B.
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The company agreement filed today establishes the policies and procedures to create and maintain the CAT and is a National Market System Plan as defined in SEC Rule 600(b)(43).
Assuming the Commission does not adopt the Depth of Book proposal, with certain clarifications, NASDAQ enthusiastically supports the Commission's proposals to permit SROs and other market participants to distribute their core and non-core data outside the confines of a national market system plan.
Before adopting the Depth of Book proposal, NASDAQ would expect the Commission to explain in detail how exclusive Securities Information Processors (SIP) would process and disseminate such data; who would bear the incremental cost of processing and disseminating Depth data and how fees would be set; what would be the display requirements for Depth data; how would national market system plans be amended to accommodate Depth data, among many, many other questions.
He was also actively involved in the drafting, approval and implementation of the National Market System plans, such as the Consolidated Quotation System Plan (CQS), the Inter-market Trading System Plan (ITS), the Consolidated Tape Association (CTA) and the Unlisted Trading Privileges Plan, and was a member of their Operating Committees.

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