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Through interviews with more than 5,000 students, graduate employers and vice-chancellors, and using national salary data, the Shef-field team demonstrated that a student who takes a leadership role in a sports club at university can earn an average of PS5,284 per year more than his or her non-sporting peers.
Most people do not have formal jobs but even for those that do, the average national salary was just $260 a month in 2010.
This can be compared with ONS figures which suggest that the West Midlands is 7% below the national salary average, while the North West is 6% below the national average.
There was also a 9 per cent increase for students in the UK - far greater than the increase in the average national salary of 0.
These athletes truly inspired a generation, often at huge cost to themselves, while your bog-standard MP is on twice the average national salary.
While the cap may be pounds 40,000 in London (less than the average national salary for a couple who are both working) it is likely to be significantly less in Merseyside.
With a national salary averaging $38,000, sushi chefs depend largely on tips.
The Guide, produced by Hays Oil & Gas and leading jobsite Oil and Gas Job Search, shows that full time UK oil professionals enjoy average salaries of[pounds]55,850* per annum which is more than twice the national salary average of[pounds]26,244**.
The Ministry of Labor, through the National Salary Commission, has ordered a 17% increase in the minimum wage for workers in the Free Zones, in two phases, to begin in Oct.
Civil servants' salaries weigh heavily in calculating the average national salary.
National salary scales for school heads range from pounds 37,400 to pounds 105,000.

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