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These are followed by eight papers on Substrates and Printing, with papers from substrate, film and coating suppliers (Innovia, 3M, Landqart, Crane Micro-Optics) as well as printers and ink producers (Bundesdruckerei, National Printing Bureau Japan, Giesecke & Devrient), covering new test methods, new materials and new types of security film.
Yasushi Ozaki is with Research Institute of National Printing Bureau, 6-4-20 Sakawa, Odawara-city, Kanagawa 256-0816, Japan.
Presentations will be made by representatives from, among others, the CBPMC, the Ministry of Public Security, the Currency AntiCounterfeit Centre, Japan's National Printing Bureau, the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Goznak, Jura, Crane, Goebel, Securency, OVD Kinegram, Infineon, Digital Identification Solutions, Nano-Matrix and the International Hologram Manufacturers Association.

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