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28) Due to the efforts of the Nation of Islam, the Dar ul-Islam Movement, the Moorish Science Temple of America, the WCIW, and other movements, Islam has become a highly influential and well-established force in the Black community.
Monroe, who recently published an essay on homophobia and the Nation of Islam, says the book offers African-Americans an opportunity to rethink their views on homosexuality.
A spokesman for anti-fascist magazine Searchlight said: "The Nation of Islam is a sinister group which demonises Jews and has a racist agenda.
The Nation of Islam handled Jackson's security last month when he appeared in court in California.
Prince Michael, six, and daughter Paris, five, are believed to be living in a safe house in Beverly Hills, guarded by Nation of Islam security staff.
The meeting was attended by attorneys, managers and accountants for the superstar, along with Nation of Islam leaders.
Sources told the New York Times and other American media that the Nation of Islam was handling Jackson's security arrangements.
THE Nation of Islam is rallying to support Michael Jackson as the pop star defends himself against child sex abuse charges.
The court held that a state prison regulation that prohibited "books other than legal materials and a personal Bible, Holy Koran or other religious equivalent" was invalid as applied to restrictive status prisoners, who were precluded from possessing Nation of Islam texts on the basis that those documents were not religious.
During the 1940s, Chicago, not Harlem, was considered by many to be "the capital of Black America" It was home to boxer Joe Louis, Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam leader; gospel singer Mahalia Jackson; Ebony founder John H.
It didn't help matters that he had recently converted to Islam and the controversial Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad was now his spiritual adviser.

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