thin market

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Thin market

A market in which trading volume is low, and consequently bid and asked quotes are wide and the instrument traded is not very liquid. Very little stock to buy or sell.

Thin Market

A market for a security with few transactions. Because of the low trading volume, a single, large order to buy or sell the security can affect the price significantly. It is also called a narrow market. See also: Inactive Security, Broad Market.

thin market

A market for a security in which there are relatively few offers and bids. A thin market causes reduced liquidity and makes it more difficult to buy or sell the security without affecting its price. Also called narrow market. Compare deep market, tight market.

Thin market.

A thin market is one where securities trade infrequently. The term can refer to an entire securities market, such as one in an emerging nation, a specific class of securities, such as micro-cap stocks, or an individual security.

thin market

A market in which there are few sales, making it difficult for people to purchase a property or to find comparable sales for an appraisal.

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cultural body, said the international agency is seeking to narrow markets for the illicit trade, hoping that by reducing demand and clamping down on potential buyers, the supply would eventually decrease and the business would become less attractive to thieves excavating for antiquities.
However, for five products in certain geographic areas the Commission's market investigation identified concerns, in particular, because of the lack of substitutable products, high combined market shares of the Parties on narrow markets, few competitors present and low likelihood of entry.
Brochures, for instance, were prepared by a marketing department at a government agency for specific, narrow markets.
It slices the IT universe into 23 narrow markets and hosts a web site for each with content ranging from Linux platforms to middleware applications to storage technologies," the magazine wrote (NL/ NL 5 / 31 / 01).
As another potential problem, most of Roche's recent signature products--including the breast cancer drug Herceptin, Pegasys and Fuzeon--are considered specialty treatments with narrow markets.
1) Investments in companies with small market capitalizations ("small caps") may be subject to special risks given their characteristic narrow markets, limited financial resources and less liquid stocks, all which may cause price volatility.
So the technology does exist, even in the very narrow markets, to have security in software.
Though the customer base may be limited, smaller companies can avoid competition by targeting such narrow markets and make a profit.
These operators offer quad-play services including mobile combinations of voice, cable TV, IPTV and telephony, which as bundles make it hard for other operators to gain a foothold other than within narrow markets.
Over the past year, Edison's chains successfully implemented merchandising efforts to broaden their appeal and attract more mainstream mall traffic rather than focusing on narrow markets.
The main problems include the presence of narrow markets, the need for financial support from public money and own resources in R&D investments and the fact that financial resources of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) only come with quantitative results.
During the RFP process, we learned that many of the remote deposit solutions available were geared towards rather narrow markets - they either accommodated the smaller sized commercial customer or the larger ones," said Jeff Foote, EVP of Corporate Services for Broadway National Bank.