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For many national analysts, the fundamental issue is the need to change the policy in the fight against narcoterrorism.
In the last few years, Iran and the United States have shared similar views on combating narcoterrorism in Afghanistan and have participated in the meetings with other Central Asian Republics and Russia (known as the "six-plus-two talks") regarding the course of events in the area.
Just as Kristallnacht went beyond the crime of breaking Jewish shopkeepers' windows precisely because it was part of a systematic assault on the Jewish people, so the recent terrorist attacks differ even from the killings associated with narcoterrorism and firearms because they are part of a lethal jihad against the American people.
Army War College recounts in Narcoterrorism as a Threat to International Security in the Currents in Modern Thought section.
Regardless of why the government sends military personnel to foreign countries and of whether those in command call the operation "peacekceping" or a "war on narcoterrorism," the deployment of such three is an act of war.
When a center- left government was recently elected in Italy, the most urgent item on the US ambassador's agenda wasn't the new government's relationship with NATO or its plans to combat narcoterrorism but its prospective film policy.
Department of State's latest available advisory, updated in June 1999, warns against travel to Colombia because of high crime, guerrilla and paramilitary activities and narcoterrorism.
The term narcoterrorism best describes the symbiotic relationship between international criminal drug trafficking organizations and terrorists, who seek to destabilize the international system.
Inciardi's account of the links between left-wing paramilitarism and drug gangsterism presents narcoterrorism as a threat to Western democracy; it is not clear where Ollie North fits into this analysis
President Gaviria's manifesto was based on strengthening the justice system, battling narcoterrorism, expanding social programmes, liberalizing Colombia's protected economy and continuing a rather conservative fiscal stance.
government turns away from confronting the Evil Empire in order to tackle Colombian narcoterrorism, Bush decided to do the same thing.