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The participants in this survey revealed that they were having some awareness of the nano technology as a science; however, they were not much confident about its application in dentistry.
The delegation took a round of the campus and visited the labs of Amity Institute of Microbial Technology, Amity Institute of Advanced Research and studies, Amity Institute of Nano Technology, Amity Institute of Bio Technology, and Incubator.
It incorporates the WaterSafeTM nano technology into the fabric to not only repel water, but also other liquids, which make it dirt and stain resistant as well.
He has many business service awards including the lifetime achievement award for commercialisation of Micro and Nano technology firms from MANCEF.
The cutting-edge Nano Technology was a big hit with BTCC teams using the product.
King Abdullah had approved the establishment of an institute for nano technology at KSU.
Dr Jiang said: "I started looking at nano technology as a way to make new machines and engines.
PureOlogy Serious Colour Care, Irvine, CA, uses Nano Technology to enhance hair color vibrancy, strengthen, moisturize and improve hair conditions.
Although it may seem like science fiction some people believe that nano technology could allow us to create robots you can hold on your fingertips
An illustrated 80-page technical presentation describes nano technology using titanate and zirconate coupling agents to couple nano particulates, pigments and fibers, catalyze, regenerate and copolymerize, flame retard, intumesce and phosphatize, functionalize and make UV reactive, and provide superior process efficiency.
Jack Forman, an out-of-work programmer and currently a stay-at-home dad, discovers that his wife is involved with Xymos Technology's endeavor to make use of the exciting prospect of using nano technology.
It will be invaluable to researchers, graduate students and engineers who work in the fields of MEMS and nano technology.