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the preparation of guidelines for the translation of the ISBD namespaces.
Moats, "A URN namespace for IETF documents," Internet Engineering Task Force, RFC 2648, Aug.
The namespace also should provide links between folders on disparate file servers and unify these folders, giving end-users a single, simplified view of files on the network.
host for the industry and have committed to helping in making it a successful and viable namespace.
True switching technology removes the data integrity and access risk by routing traffic, rather than storing persistent data-even file system or global namespace related data.
Nexenta Systems, the world's leading provider of OpenStorage solutions, today announced Namespace Cluster, a new offering that virtually eliminates technical limitations on scalability and allows users to connect thousands of nodes to work together as one file system.
LogicNP Software's EZNamespaceExtensions makes it a breeze to develop a full-blown namespace extension from scratch with full support for Windows 8 and Windows 7.
Gluster, the leading provider of scale-out, open source storage solutions for public and private clouds, today announced it will host a free webinar that will reveal how companies can deploy highly available, scalable storage in minutes and manage data growth in a single global namespace in the cloud.
And as business-critical needs increase, the ability for unified namespace becomes crucial to simplify management.
Here again, traditional networked storage systems fall short: they are incapable of scaling capacity within a single namespace and thereby increase the time and complexity of managing networked data.
Extending the Maestro family, the new entry solution provides a comprehensive assessment of current storage resources through a reporting and search engine combined with pushbutton global namespace creation, all without the use of agents.