National Vocational Qualification

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National Vocational Qualification

a qualification in England and Wales recognizing competence in a vocational or technical subject, usually awarded after a period of vocational TRAINING and formal assessment. Competence is primarily defined as the ability to perform a task successfully. The NVQ system has been developed to encourage firms to train more systematically and to encourage training in transferable SKILLS (i.e. skills of use to more than one organization). The UK government's intention is that there will be national standards of competence for all occupations, established by lead bodies for each occupation/industry. Many NVQ subjects are highly specific and are primarily concerned with task performance rather than more diffuse conceptual understanding (the ability to understand as well as perform a task is sometimes referred to as competency). Some NVQs, however, are broader and less immediately technical in scope, and are perceived as more practically focused alternatives to traditional academic qualifications such as A-Levels: these tend to be known as General NVQs or more usually GNVQs. NVQs are arranged in a set of 5 levels, ranging from basic to professional level.

The NVQ system is a major attempt to improve on the UK's poor record in vocational training. Critics of NVQs allege, however, that many NVQ courses pay insufficient attention to the development of the conceptual skills necessary to understand technical processes fully. It is also difficult to identify discrete competencies required for many tasks and occupations, particularly those that are highly complex in character. See ACCREDITATION OF EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING.

National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)

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Caroline Connelly, NVQ course assessor for College Ystrad Mynach, said: "We've had fantastic feedback from all clients involved in the training.
Shirley Gelder, director of employer engagement at City of Sunderland College, said, "We were thrilled that Fusion wanted to enrol its staff on the NVQ qualifications.
As part of the Train to Gain programme, they are free to learners who do not already hold a level two NVQ or above qualification.
Currently over 20 kennelhands have been awarded a City and Guilds NVQ certificate under the BGRB scheme.
The future of NVQ delivery is perhaps best earthed in its origins: someone in the workplace doing their job to a national standard and being deemed competent by a qualified and occupational expert assessor
Middlesbrough-based TTE provided specialist NVQ Level 3 training and assessment to the experienced technicians to help them achieve the Assuring Competence in Engineering Construction--the (ACE) standard.
The consequences of competence: a critical assessment of the Management NVQ
The concept developed through an initial preparation for a potential influx of mature students to attain NVQ 4 and/or 5 in Management and to provide progression opportunities into postgraduate management programmes.
Billy Wall, an apprentice bricklayer, and apprentice joiners Jake Reilly, Bradley Blewitt and Kyle Lorcan McMahon, have all just started at various Harron Homes developments in West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire, while also studying on NVQ courses at local colleges.
Julie Spencer, who was working for Liverpool Women's Hospital as a NVQ co-ordinator, registered her husband Stephen Spencer as a candidate for the course even though he was not employed by the trust and she did not have permission to do so.
An apprenticeship is one of the best ways to become a qualified electrician, typically three to four years, learners undertake both classroom based and on-the-job training, gaining a Level 3 NVQ qualification.