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The board is composed of all 60 former members of both the NAII and Alliance boards.
NAII has worked for reforms at the state level with some success, he said.
The NAII long ago cut loose from its origins as a trade association of the direct writing companies.
Although comprising only about 20 percent of all arson cases, mobile property arson is on the rise, NAII noted.
He said NAII was "pleased that NCOIL is willing to go back to the drawing board to create a model that could be strongly supported by insurers and truly benefit consumers.
Although Iowa currently has the lowest automobile premiums in the nation, adoption of the proposed rule is likely to increase rates, NAII warned.
Workers' comp insurers are trying to create a voluntary pool, said NAII President Jack Ramiresz.
Despite being aware of the perils from lightning, hail, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods, fewer than half of the homeowners responding to an Insurance Research Council survey had taken steps to protect their properties from these natural disasters, NAII noted.
The program will be developed through both public and private sectors such as the NAII and other organizations, the FBI, and major universities.
NAII cites National Highway Safety Administration and other studies showing that helmet use helps to reduce the fatality rate, the probability and severity of head injuries, the cost of medical treatment, the length of hospital stays, the necessity for special medical treatments, and the probability of long-term disability.
More information is available at the NAII web site, www.
PIFC and NAII will testify against the proposed regulations at a two-day workshop to be conducted by the CDI on August 22-23, 2002 in San Francisco.