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Audiovox supplies Analog, N-AMPS, CDMA, GSM/PCS and GSM products worldwide.
CDMA digital technology will allow 360 to increase call handling capacity at least six times that of analog technology and more than double the capacity of N-AMPS, an enhanced analog technology widely used today and first introduced in the United States by 360 Communications in Las Vegas.
The company offers N-AMPS analog cellular service and 13 kilobit CDMA digital service, with cellular infrastructure supplied by Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group.
SpotLight is currently designed for the AMPS and N-AMPS air interfaces, with a new version for GSM in development.
Flexibility and expandability are key to the EXP-2001, which can be configured with multiple technologies (AMPS, N-AMPS, TDMA, GSM, IS-54, DCS 1800, DCS 1900, CDMA, ESMR) and up to 4 scan receivers, 3 transceivers, navigation subsystem modules, and audio analysis modules.
4, 1996--Nokia, the world's second largest manufacturer of cellular phones, today announced the Nokia 232N, a N-AMPS version of the award winning Nokia 232.