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After Mutha industries started buying bamboo the farmers are highly benefited as now they can sell the bamboo.
Me Mutha screamed, then yanked me wrist, so rough, that Aa sure felt her Then with strength Aa didn't naa she had, howked aas into the air raid shelter.
And by the end, Chezza still managed to look Sexy Den A Mutha.
3m-unit selling Big Mutha Truckers, and is working on titles such as 60s biker game Ride To Hell with developer Deep Silver.
23pm on July 4, plot ringleader Khan texted Lindsay to say: "Face you mutha f*** il rearange ya face if ya stab me wiv dat needle cos i said i aint getting on no plain fool.
Ever versatile, this mutha is as sublime on the rocks as it is scored with vodka, rum or some good ol' champagna.
Games like Starsky & Hutch, Big Mutha Truckers, Ford Racing and FlatOut have enjoyed success across the world.
The daughter of Majestic Light, initially trained by leading northern California handler Jerry Hollendorfer, was among the stars of a string of horses owned by rapperMC Hammer, who shot to fame during the late 1980s with hits like Turn This Mutha
There is only one Big Mutha, and I think the show would be lost without her.
IT was the mutha of all Mothering Sundays as these giants of metal razed the Academy to the ground.
ONE phone call could win you a fabulous Playstation 2 AND the brilliant new Big Mutha Truckers 2 game to play on it.
Obscene: Piking, mutha, green light district, bump uglies and hit skins: our sex lives and our insults are becoming more degrading and obscene.