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Oppenheimer Rochester Short-Term Municipal Fund (ORSYX) Y shares was named Best-in-Class among 80 Short Municipal Debt Funds for the three-year period ended Nov.
Based on a comprehensive survey of municipal debt in 16 regional countries, Tuesday's S&P report says local and regional governments in the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Turkey continue to dominate municipal debt issuance in the CEE region this year.
Spiotto argues that taxing municipal debt would adversely affect state and local governments' access to and cost of borrowing, and their ability to address local matters and concerns related both to infrastructure and services.
The chairman said municipal bond issuers that do not keep purchasers informed well enough of matters that affect solvency and those that sell municipal debt are not informing buyers of the markups and commissions they must pay.
3 billion of municipal debt backed by the full faith and credit of the issuing city or town.
The report represents an effort by Fitch to standardize its analytical process when assessing housing market risk during a downturn, and to make this process transparent to municipal debt issuers.
Oppenheimer AMT-Free New York Municipals (OPNYX)[1] A shares was named Best-in-Class among 87 New York Municipal Debt Funds for the three-year period ended 11/30/12
Local government allocation of public goods and services and the method of payment underlie the ensuing discussion of municipal debt financing.
Since it has been an important driver of economic growth, which infused cash into government coffers and boosted employment in markets related to real estate, Fitch believes that the recent activity in the housing market warrants additional consideration among the criteria incorporated into municipal debt ratings, particularly for issuers in specific geographic regions.
Oppenheimer California Municipal Fund (OPCAX) A shares was named Best-in-Class among 108 California Municipal Debt Funds for the three-year period ended 12/31/11
Those questions included how the Valley and what remains of Los Angeles would divide municipal debt and water rights.
An actuarial study will be completed soon which Fitch will review as part of its overall analysis of OPEB liabilities on all issuers of municipal debt.

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