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CPU (Central Processing Unit)

the brain of a COMPUTER which stores and processes data.
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Worldwide Computer Products News-5 March 2009-LSI announces Tarari T1000 support for expanded range of embedded multicore processors(C)1995-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
That is changing now that desktop computers and even laptops are multicore.
When deploying the CAB, customers can leverage the Mercury MultiCore Plus Advantage, including available software development tools and libraries such as the MultiCore Framework (MCF), optimized Scientific Algorithm Library (SAL), and the Mercury Trace Analysis Tool and Library (TATL).
Multicore microprocessors include two or more full execution cores within a single processor, enabling simultaneous management of computing activities.
The Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC represents the next generation of multicore platforms for compute-intensive, safety and security systems.
Barlas presents students, academics, researchers, and professionals working in a variety of contexts with an examination of multicore CPU programming and massively parallel of many-core GPU computing.
LDRA Breaks Through Verification Barrier for Multicore Environments
Moyer, an engineer, consultant, editor, and writer, brings together engineers and technology specialists from the US for 16 chapters that outline the techniques and technologies to build and optimize embedded multicore systems for desktop-style general computing and high-performance computing.
It needs to perform well on multicore and manycore architectures whether they are homogeneous or heterogeneous.
Compaan Design BV together with multicore development software provider PolyCore Software Inc (PSI) announced on Wednesday a relationship for collaboration in furthering solutions for multicore applications.
In fact, today's multicore central processing units (CPUs) dramatically reduce the test times of wireless handsets through the use of parallel processing.
Building on nearly 10 years of investment in multithreading technology, it simplifies multicore as well as FPGA-based application development with its intuitive parallel dataflow language.

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