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The effect of multi-factorial intervention on plasma von Willebrand factor, soluble E-selectin and tissue factor in diabetes mellitus: implications for atherosclerotic vascular disease.
National Obesity Forum Dr David Haslam said: 'The causes of obesity are multi-factorial - many babies are not breastfed, poor diet plus a lack of sports - then you can throw in genetics.
The Food and Drink Federation's "Voice of the Industry" sets out the UK food and drink manufacturing industry's commitment to work constructively with consumers, Government and others to help find solutions to the complex, multi-factorial issues surrounding obesity and the food and health debate generally.
Chapter Two describes the design and protocols for a multi-factorial, exploratory study employing qualitative and quantitative techniques, which were used to examine the evidence for DALY.
And last, Session F will feature "Advanced histological technology and three-dimensional imaging: a fruitful partnership to visualize the human skin micro-anatomy and changes in cutaneous structures" from Laboratoires Serobiologiques, "Puffy eyes: a multi-factorial cosmetic problem needs a multi-thronged solution" from Sederma, "Categorical evaluation of the ocular irritancy of cosmetic and consumer products by human ocular instillation procedures" by Clinical Research Laboratories and "In vitro prediction of sunscreen's PFA values" from Playtex Products.
They also argue that cardiovascular risk reduction strategies should be based upon a multi-factorial assessment of global risk rather than an arbitrary lipid cut point as promoted by the National Cholesterol Education Program.
Fatigue can be a complex, multi-factorial, overlapping web of causes and effects.
Few researchers believe that a single theory can account for the complexity seen in patients diagnosed with CFS; a multi-factorial etiology is most likely (Farrar et al.
Our decision to outsource to Zotec Partners was multi-factorial.
24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- EpiCast Report: Dry Eye Syndrome - Epidemiology Forecast to 2024Summary Dry eye syndrome (DES), also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), is a multi-factorial disease of the eye caused by dryness, decreased tear production, or increased tear film evaporation.
Women's Health is a collection of multi-factorial conditions and diseases that solely affect or are more prevalent in females.
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