Personal Property

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Personal property

Any assets other than real estate.

Personal Property

Any property other than real estate. Personal property includes vehicles, computers, furniture, televisions, and so forth. Personal property may be used as collateral on a loan, but it is considered less reliable collateral than real estate because the borrower could default on the loan and then steal or hide the personal property. Obviously, this is impossible with real estate.

personal property

Any property except for real property. Personal property may consist of physical objects, or it may be intangibles such as copyrights, patents, or securities. Personal property is also called personalty.

Personal Property

Generally, all property other than real estate.
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Under the Movables Security Law a variety of movables, whether existing or future physical assets or moral rights, can be used as collateral.
Banks in developing countries are usually reluctant to accept movable assets as collateral due to the inadequate legal and regulatory environment in which banks and firms co-exist.
Overall, studies have shown that introducing collateral registries for movable assets increases firms' access to banking finance.
Federal highway bridge funds are important to the successful rehabilitation and replacement of the city's movable bridges.
The extension of the city's East River Bridges preventive maintenance plans to the movable bridges was a logical next step," says FHWA's Hart.
The inspection and maintenance of mechanical and electrical components provide two of the more significant challenges in any movable bridge rehabilitation or replacement plan.
According to the first edition (1998) of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' (AASHTO) Movable Bridge Inspection, Evaluation, and Maintenance Manual, inspection frequency requirements for structural components of fixed bridges also should apply to mechanical and electrical components of movable bridges.
Article 53 reads in full: "An army of occupation can only take possession of cash, funds, and realizable securities which are strictly the property of the State, depots of arms, means of transport, stores and supplies, and, generally, all movable property belonging to the State which may be used for military operations," (emphasis added).
The taking of movable water stores by the Israeli occupying forces would be insignificant in comparison with the taking of immovables.
According to Mohamed Refaat, managing director of the company, the movable assets registry will encourage the banking system to increase the volume of credit granted in exchange for the assets registered in the registry, ie increase the access rates of small, medium, and micro enterprises to finance.
The record of movable assets will reduce the time required for disclosure because of its reliance on advanced technology.
According to Ahmed Abdul Hamid, head of the company's operations department responsible for the implementation of the project, the movable assets registry is an electronic record subject to the supervision and control of the EFSA.