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In addition, those who live in areas that historically lay outside the reach of the Mounties are most likely to vote for members of the Conservative Party " the only party in Canada that opposes restricted gun ownership.
Mountie slumped back on his chair hoping he could still get to the Mohne.
A far cry from the modern realism Pacey and others wanted Canadian literature to produce as a sign of its modernity, Mountie fiction relied on the heightened affective registers of adventure and melodrama, as well as elements of romance, mystery, horror, and the occasional lesson in moral reform to narrate the Canadian north as an antimodern exotic space within the British Empire.
What's more the Mounties serve as the provincial police force in eight of Canada's 10 provinces.
Dawson opens his concluding chapter with a narrative about two American tourists who, in 1956, wrote to the New Brunswick travel authorities, complaining that after "driving 30,000 miles in your lovely country," they only saw one Mountie dressed, "as you show them in the books" (176).
His boss dismissed this as eccentric Mountie behaviour and put the smell down to too many elk burgers.
Scottish Cup fever stretched more than 3,000 miles, across the Atlantic - with the Texas Rangers against the Canadian Mounties.
David has fought to make the lawman less obnoxious - without upsetting the essential contrast with mild-mannered Mountie Benton Fraser.
A handsome Canadian Mountie is hanging under a train while having a conversation through a lavatory bowl with Naked Gun star Leslie Nielsen.
CTV and Alliance Communications Announce the Return of Due South Canada's Favourite Mountie Is Back on CTV FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Toronto/Los Angeles/London/Paris - January 27, 1997 - It's back by popular demand
Paul - ramrod-straight Mountie Benton Fraser in the hit BBC show - was arrested by the Canadian cops 14 years ago.