mortgage bond

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Mortgage bond

A bond in which the issuer has granted the bondholders a lien against the pledged assets. See: Collateral trust bonds

Mortgage Bond

A long-term bond secured by the payments on one or more mortgages. For example, a mortgage corporation may issue a bond backed by payments it receives from clients. This provides the issuer with working capital while providing a relatively safe investment for bondholders. In the event of default, bondholders have the right to take possession of and sell the property underlying the mortgage in order to recover their investments. See also: Mortgage-backed security.

mortgage bond

A long-term debt security that is secured by a lien on specific assets, usually on fixed assets such as real estate. See also closed-end mortgage, open-end mortgage.
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The strong growth ha the European mortgage bond markets in the last few years has been accompanied by massive changes in the rules governing the issue of those bonds.
The 7-1/4 percent Series Mortgage Bonds due 2024 were purchased by a syndicate headed by Lehman Brothers.
These instruments are normally lower-yielding than the Fund's church mortgage bond and church mortgage loan investments and will reduce the Fund's yield.
The $35 million 2006 series D single family mortgage bonds are being issued under a supplemental indenture that pledges mortgage revenues, investment earnings, reserves and other trust funds to secure the bonds.
of Colorado: 'BBB+' first mortgage bonds, 'BBB' preferred stock
As a result, we are moving the rating of CCI's first mortgage bonds to the same level as the rating of GTEC's first mortgage bonds, currently rated "AA" (Double-A).
The net proceeds from the sale will be used to redeem, on or about April 1, 1994, through the maintenance and replacement fund provisions of the company's mortgage, $50 million of first mortgage bonds, 9 percent series, due 2000 at a redemption price of 100.
Fitch expects operating cash flows net of dividends will cover approximately 45%-55% of capital expenditures, and that NSPM will fund the shortfall through the new first mortgage bonds and equity contributions from XEL.
The 7 1/4% Series due April 15, 2001 First Refunding Mortgage Bonds will be redeemed on March 11, 1994 at 101.
CSP will redeem the $1,000,000 principal amount of the 9% first mortgage bonds due 2017 on March 1, 1994, at the special redemption price of 100.
0 million 2005 series H single-family mortgage bonds are being issued under the general trust indenture that pledges mortgage revenues, investment earnings, reserves, and other trust funds to secure the bonds.

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