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Unfortunately, regardless of the mortgage program you want, real estate down payments are not tax deductible.
Despite the royal decision to allocate budget to implement a mortgage program, Saudis remain pessimistic about the issue.
Instead, they suggested the government switch the recipients of the mortgage program to the typhoon victims and lower-income householders, so as to alleviate the government's financial burden.
The mortgage program, together with construction of low-priced residential communities for CSUCI employees, is the ``double hitter'' that will make recruitment much easier, he said.
Some uniformity may result, however, from the recent Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announcement of a tenfold expansion of its reverse mortgage program.
NEW YORK -- Link to Fitch Ratings' Report: State Housing Finance Agencies: Single-Family Mortgage Program Rating Criteria
Union Plus offers a mortgage program that gives union families the opportunity to take advantage of the savings they can get by buying or refinancing at extremely low rates, while offering them a unique safety net to protect them against economic hardship," Tolf added.
In 2007, the bank introduced its Hometown Mortgage Program modeled after Fannie Mae's MyCommunity program.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- Millions of employees throughout the state of California who are interested in purchasing a home or refinancing their existing mortgage may be eligible for the CalCORP Corporate Mortgage Program which was launched last week.
has announced the formation of a group dedicated to its Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), and second mortgage program in Florida and Southeastern U.
Residential Pacific Mortgage (RPM), a family-owned mortgage bank and broker based in Alamo, recently announced the launch of a reverse mortgage program led by reverse mortgage expert, Thomas Perkins.

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