Mortgage Company

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Mortgage Company

A mortgage lender that sells all the loans it originates in the secondary market.

See Mortgage Lender/Mortgage Banks Versus Portfolio Lenders.

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Depository institutions and their mortgage company affiliates extend proportionally more conventional home purchase loans to low-income borrowers than do independent mortgage companies (table 13).
Freedlander, once the nation's fourth largest mortgage company, expanded into 33 states and made 37,000 loans totaling $675 million.
Bad economic news is good news for bonds and therefore good news for mortgage rates," noted Manhattan Mortgage Company Chairman and CEO Melissa Cohn, who reports that rates have fallen by more than a half-point in the past three months.
Economic data in May offered evidence that the economy was slowing, despite five rate increases by the Fed," said Manhattan Mortgage Company Chairman and CEO Melissa Cohn.
In terms of loan preferences, The Manhattan Mortgage Company survey reported that 29 percent co-op/condominium borrowers chose five-year adjustable rate mortgages in December, while 30-year fixed rate mortgages accounted for 24 percent of the marketplace.
As long as the economy shows no sign of slumping, interest rates will keep moving upward," said Melissa Cohn, chairman and CEO of The Manhattan Mortgage Company, who noted that "virtually all November indicators pointed to an expanding economy.
Dogged by inflationary fears, mortgage rates for New York luxury co-ops and condominiums continued their upward spiral last month, according to The Manhattan Mortgage Company, a leading specialist in co-op, condominium and private home residential financing, which surveys and analyzes New York mortgage rates and borrower preferences on a monthly basis.
a Silicon Valley-based provider of mortgage loan software systems for the financial industry, recently launched the Virtual Mortgage Company, a service that handles all aspects of loan origination, processing and closing for mortgage origination companies.

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