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Users select the type of money market instrument from drop-down lists, and can either accept or modify the associated characteristics.
A money market instrument or security is a short- term obligation issued by any of a variety of borrowers, ranging from the U.
You represent and agree that (i) the issuer of the security or money market instrument is not a U.
NBAD Cash Plus enhances cash yield through investments into sophisticated money market instruments that are otherwise not accessible to investors; and allows them to retain the flexibility to access their investments on a daily basis," says Anne Durand, fixed income fund manager at NBAD's Asset Management Group.
The company said in a statement that for RQFIIs (RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors), this money market fund represents a relatively low risk investment avenue, allowing them to benefit from the attractive yields of money market instruments in China.
The government has proposed curbs on the money market instruments that banks can use.
Issues publicly available credit ratings that are current assessments of the credit-worthiness of obligors with respect to specific securities or money market instruments.
Because they mature in one year or less, T-bills are the federal government's equivalent of money market instruments.
government and federal agency securities, and money market instruments.
In this context, securities refers to a wide range of financial instruments, including securities, securities options, money market instruments, futures, and futures options.
NEW YORK -- The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) today announced that it is proposing changes to its settlement processing for money market instruments (MMIs) to boost efficiencies, improve intraday settlement finality and further reduce credit and liquidity risk in the MMI market.
U$ 14,4 billion assets reflected in domestic and foreign money market instruments and bonds, representing %62,3 of total assets.