Modified duration

Modified duration

The ratio of Macaulay duration divided by (1 + y), where y = the bond yield. Modified duration is inversely related to the approximate percentage change in price for a given change in yield.

Modified Duration

A formula that attempts to explain a change in the price of a bond as a function of a change in interest rates. It is based on the assumption that rises in interest rates depress bond prices and drops in rates do the opposite. It is calculated as:

Modified Duration = Macauley Duration / (1 + YTM/Number of coupon payments per year)
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Under normal market conditions, the Fund will have a weighted-average modified duration of three years or less and will potentially offer a higher income rate than many longer-duration fixed-income offerings.
Before investing in a duration fund, one can make a fair estimate of gains by looking at the modified duration and yield-to-maturity (YTM).
It combines EDI's fixed income and pricing data with algorithm apps from The Beast Apps, a provider of a cloud based Financial App Store offering access to data, analytics, risk and valuation services, to generate an initial set of 11 fixed income derived data fields such as Yield to Maturity, Modified Duration, Effective Duration and Convexity.
We employ both effective duration and modified duration as the measures of interest rate sensitivity in this study.
Distinctions are usually made clearly, except that most of the references to duration in the book are, in fact, references to modified duration.
In practical terms, modified duration is used as a measure of the price sensitivity of an instrument, given a change in interest rates.
Modified duration gauges interest sensitivity by making equal interest rate shifts at all maturities of the current term structure and revaluing a portfolio under the new (parallel) term structure.
Specifically, modified duration can be viewed as an elasticity that estimates the percentage change in the value of an instrument for each percentage point change in market interest rates.
5 Modified duration is the change in the price of a security, expressed in years, expected in response to each 1% change in the yield to maturity of the portfolio's holdings.
According to Pandya, investors with a six-month horizon should invest in products that have a modified duration of up to six months, for instance, ultra short-term funds.
Third, a modified duration measure for this synthetic Treasury security was computed using the Treasury spot rates of interest (zero-coupon curve) prevailing at the end of each year in question.

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