Miss the price/market

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Miss the price/market

Used for listed equity securities. 1) Have an order in hand but fail to execute a transaction on terms favorable to a customer and, thus, be negligent as a broker; 2) receive an order just after a print has transpired.

Miss the Price/Market

1. To fail, through negligence, to execute an order on terms favorable to a client. A broker who misses the price/market consistently is thought to be poor at his/her job.

2. To receive an order to buy or sell a security at a certain price immediately after that price has ceased to be available.
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During the months they are not open, Doris misses the market, saying, "I'm always anxious to get back.
If a farmer jumps in his truck and misses the markets, he knows he can catch them again in less than 10 minutes on KKSC.