Miss the price/market

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Miss the price/market

Used for listed equity securities. 1) Have an order in hand but fail to execute a transaction on terms favorable to a customer and, thus, be negligent as a broker; 2) receive an order just after a print has transpired.

Miss the Price/Market

1. To fail, through negligence, to execute an order on terms favorable to a client. A broker who misses the price/market consistently is thought to be poor at his/her job.

2. To receive an order to buy or sell a security at a certain price immediately after that price has ceased to be available.
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Samsung has not only missed the market earnings' estimate but it also failed to meet investors' expectation on its much- awaited dividend payouts," Ko Jung Woo, a Seoul-based analyst at BS Securities Co.
Both the net rental income and the direct result missed the market consensus, Kuin said.
After his reappearance in a 7f conditions race at the St Leger meeting, I had to conclude that I had missed the market.
I have yet to encounter a single large system company that does not have a horror story to tell about a product that worked great, passed all the functional tests, but either was never able to pass FCC certification or took so long to fix an EMI problem that its release was late and it missed the market window.
Pattison added that, in his view, Roth missed the market since the it reached a high point twelve months ago and the building cycle for a project of this scale can be three years or longer.
We priced them where we thought they should be, but we missed the market," he said.
Six months later, the people who came late had completely missed the market.
HMC Investment Securities analyst Nho Geun-Chang opined that the Samsung quarterly results missed the market consensus due to the firm spending more on marketing expensed for the launch of the S4.
With the success of 3D movies such as 'Avatar' and the push for ever higher resolution on consumer display devices such as projectors and TVs, a company that decided on an solution that relied on a custom or even off-the-shelf chip approach a year ago would have missed the market completely," said Dean Westman, vice president, Communications Business at Xilinx.
Nokia s management has been under increasing criticism from analysts and shareholders as its share price has missed the market s recovery, and the firm s profits are set to miss the economic upturn this year as its smartphone portfolio flounders.