Miss the price/market

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Miss the price/market

Used for listed equity securities. 1) Have an order in hand but fail to execute a transaction on terms favorable to a customer and, thus, be negligent as a broker; 2) receive an order just after a print has transpired.

Miss the Price/Market

1. To fail, through negligence, to execute an order on terms favorable to a client. A broker who misses the price/market consistently is thought to be poor at his/her job.

2. To receive an order to buy or sell a security at a certain price immediately after that price has ceased to be available.
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Back in Cork, don't miss the market on Grand Parade, with stalls selling traditional Irish goodies.
It would be hard to miss the market, considering how many people come to the area to eat.
They are demanding a holistic look at their assets, demanding one-stop shopping and we need to respond to that or otherwise we are going to miss the market trends.
That's when he said, 'I don't want to miss the market.
Ward has bitterly contended with that suggestion, stating not without some rationale, at a New York City Council meeting in recent weeks that "Silverstein didn't miss the market, the market missed Silverstein" and that even had the authority turned over the parcels for Tower 2 and Tower 3 on time late last year, the credit crisis would nonetheless have still been a crippling impediment.
If you wait around until a new paradigm is profitable I guarantee you will miss the market.
His approach was radically different, and he felt strongly that he would miss the market if he waited.
Second, we're going to miss the market if we don't actively measure ourselves against our competition.
Also, if IMSS is able to fix drug prices for the period, it will miss the market opportunity represented by bioequivalent generics from 24th February 2010.
Silverstein didn't miss the market, the market missed him," Ward said at last week's hearing, insisting that the authority's delays weren't a factor in the problems surrounding the tower's financing.
The bottom line is Silverstein didn't miss the market, the market missed Silverstein.