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While it's made for the avid professional, beginners will find it accessible also, with its discussions of coin grades, mint sets, coins to Hawaii and other territories, and errors.
Bullion gold, silver, platinum, certified coins, proof and mint sets will be available.
It details coin specifications, mintages, values, and other information, organized by every coin type made by the US Mint, from copper half cents to gold double eagles, and including classic commemoratives, Proof and Mint sets, and bullion.
Even if you're not an investor in gold bullion, this auction session includes mint sets and type coins, so there will be something for every level of coin enthusiast.
Mint publication, which enabled him to buy proof sets and mint sets each year.
Mint sets will sell for around pounds 500 at auction.
Jelani planted bulbs in a ring of rocks; mint sets off the sempervivum bull's eye
E[acute accent]August 25th will feature items such as $1 gold coins, Graded Carson City Silver Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Capped Bust pieces, Mercury Dimes, Seated Dimes, Walking Liberties, Buffalo Nickels, Lincoln Pennies, Indian Head Pennies, Fractional Currency, Large Notes, Star Notes, Silver Certificates and Proof and Mint Sets.