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Minimize risk exposure and maximize commercial openings by recognizing and reacting to important macroand micro-economic trends
There are also micro-economic reasons why Wales needs to export.
Wasko gives an indication of her own focus by contrasting two economic models of Hollywood-the micro-economic and the political-economy approaches-in the Introduction.
This committee has helped to identify areas of opportunity to improve the investment climate at both the macro- and micro-economic levels," he said.
The 2004 Purchasing Plans Study includes further details on capital equipment purchasing intentions, including macro- and micro-economic assumptions, reasons for not purchasing this year, the rising influence of major retailers and how purchasing decisions may be affected by radio frequency identification requirements.
Instead the government needs to maintain macro-economic stability and match it with a period of micro-economic policy stability.
Kitts and Nevis, the CDB will review progress on a host of investment projects, like providing micro-economic development grants to encourage the development of entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago, and the rehabilitation of 14 schools in Grenada, including training in special education and curriculum development.
However, the real challenge of globalisation for Algeria on the economic level requires translating the macroeconomic gains during the 1990s into micro-economic benefits at the level of the individual Algerian citizen.
He occasionally decrees economic measures that appear to demonstrate his desire to control things at the micro-economic level.
Simultaneously, the techniques suggested for dealing with Japan's problems have pitted those advocating major structural changes at the micro-economic level against those favoring macro-economic orientations such as fiscal or monetary policy.
The problem is, governments don't do micro-economic restructuring when they should because growth overshadows the bad micro-problems.

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