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Lawyers may not use any content or text, including but not limited to hidden text or meta tags, to deceive or mislead the public.
1) Trademark owners should run frequent Internet searches on multiple search engines to see if your trademark is being infringed upon through the use of meta tags or even by cyber-squatters who register your mark as their Internet domain name.
The courts found in favor of Playboy and ordered Calvin Designer Label to remove the meta tags and pay Playboy an unspecified amount in damages.
Strategies include the use of hidden words, meta tags, links from other sites, mentions on blogs or the use of a blog by the website, as well as links from articles.
A variety of tools will be added to the section over time, with the initial tools allowing users to easily generate Meta Tags and create properly formatted Anchor Text HTML.
Net services also provide three additional search engine tools: Link Popularity, which provides 200 quality links to a site; a meta tag generator, for improved rankings, which systematically analyzes the Web site and generates a list of suggested meta tags that are optimum for each site; and, an online chat support system, in which merchants can discuss the latest search engine optimization techniques with experts.
New pages, with customizable URLs and meta tags, are easy to create as they are built with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and don't require additional IT support.
Highlighting on page technical issues that may effect how search engines view/rank your website such as: Meta tags, content which cannot be indexed or which is extremely hard to index, the effects of sophisticated Java script, sites hidden behind authentication etc.
Add meta tags Here is some sample code for a Twitter summary card - consult Twitter's guide for each card type's meta tags.
A general introduction to the intersection of HTML5 and mobile is followed by specific chapters on storage and databases, CSS3, meta tags, and media queries.
Meta tags are not viewable directly on a website without looking at the page source, but they are read and cached by search engines to interpret the content of a web page as well as provide descriptions of the site in their listings.
Photobucket's large media library allows for precisely relevant results, while the use of human input in the form of Meta tags allows the search tool to essentially "think laterally," and display a wide range of results relevant to the search term, according to Microsoft.