intermediate bond

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Intermediate Bond

A debt security with a maturity in the medium-term. While there is no set definition of what constitutes the medium-term, it is generally accepted that intermediate bonds are those that mature somewhere between one and 15 years. One of the most common intermediate bonds, the U.S. Treasury Note, usually has a maturity of 10 years. Intermediate bonds have become increasingly popular for what were formerly called long-term investors. This is especially true among Treasury securities; Treasury Notes have increasingly replaced Treasury Bonds as benchmarks of the bond market.

intermediate bond

A debt security with a maturity of 7 to 15 years. Also called medium-term bond. See also long bond, short bond.
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The sovereign issued its first medium-term bonds since 2007 in June and is issuing monthly from August to the end of the year.
Under 43S number, medium-term bonds under 44S number and callable bonds under 45S number, the short-term governemnt bonds were filed.
Another factor for increasing appeal of Vimpelcom's medium-term bonds has recently been the widening yield spread between these issues and the Eurobonds of the competitor, MTS OAO, maturing in 2020.
40 billion) in medium-term bonds later on Friday, including a new three-year issue.
Thursday's auction follows an auction Wednesday of short- and medium-term bonds that raised 12 billion euros.
Etisalat said Thursday it plans to issue as much as $7 billion worth of medium-term bonds and another $1 billion in Islamic financial instruments known as sukuk.
Egyptian state-owned National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) plan to sell medium-term bonds in the coming weeks, two people familiar with the transactions said on Sunday.
medium-term bonds of USD 500 million, maturity due June 22, though its liquid
A forensic examination of the origin of the crisis reveals that what brought global banking giants to their knees was not merely speculative bets in volatile markets but what appeared to be ultra-safe investments in the most conservative assets available, namely top rated medium-term bonds.
Traders said gains in the benchmark yield were trimmed when buying set in, mainly on medium-term bonds, amid speculation that the Bank of Japan's monetary easing will be prolonged.
It will definitely be cheaper for the Cypriot taxpayer than the average interest we were paying previously on medium-term bonds, which was around 5.
The Company issued medium-term bonds for a principal amount of RMB 10 billion with a maturity of 3 to 5 years, and short-term debenture amounted to RMB5 billion.

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