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9% of, signed an EGP 750m medium term loan with Banque Misr, the National Bank of Egypt, and Arab African International Bank.
BSF is continuing on the positive momentum recorded in 2014 and first quarter of 2015 positioning ahead of its medium term loan targets, according to a press release.
Finance House has provided a medium term loan to fund the expansion of Oscar Cinema at the new extension of Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi.
The rest, $3 billion, will be through a medium term loan of three-year maturity and $3 billion through a five-year maturity loan, and will be paid through the issuance of bonds.
via a 350 million Egyptian Pound medium term loan which equates to US$ 61.
The defaulters Sugarcane societies, double loans as well as Medium Term Loan can get the benefit of his recovery package.
NatWest bank supported the the firm with a medium term loan towards the start-up costs.
5m) medium term loan, overdraft, and guarantee facilities to Finance House PJSC (FH).
It also raised $115m in a medium term loan in June.
We have funded the acquisition utilising new medium term loan facilities, and
Last week, the company announced that it will be seeking an EGP 90m medium term loan to finance the $12m contract signed with US company Hostess Brands LLC.
It also raised $115 million in a medium term loan in June.

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