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If a resident refuses a medication, circle his or her initials on the front of the Medication Administration Record and, on the back, document the reason for refusal.
Integration with nurse documentation systems, especially at the medication administration record level, is also a fundamental prerequisite.
Next-generation functionality involves integration with clinical systems to receive patient orders and update the electronic medication administration record (eMAR).
Medication administration record (MAR) shows order was used 10 times in last two weeks and was effective
AOD Software, the leader in truly integrated long term care software, has obtained official approval of the AnswersElite Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) system by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy (OBP).
Doses of drug and how frequently taken" will be in his physician's orders and the medication administration record.
eClinicalWorks will work with CMS to enhance its Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR) as well as intake process flows and a mental health module.
She accesses the medication for each patient from the medication cart and pulls up the patient's electronic medication administration record on a handheld scanner or touchscreen computer on the mobile cart.
The most common side effects of all drugs in use in the nursing home should be a part of the doctor's orders and medication administration record (MAR).
According to Wanner, the medication management activation was virtually problem free and the transition from the old system to the newly installed Eclipsys electronic medication administration record (eMAR) occurred within 12 hours.
Savvy works with Anywhere RN and integrates with the hospital Electronic Medication Administration Record (MAK) software.
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