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A unit measuring a person or IP address visiting a website. In general, the more hits a website generates, the higher revenue it earns from advertising and other sources.


1. To sell a security at a bid price quoted by a dealer. For example, a trader will hit a bid.
2. To lose money on a trade. For example, a dealer may take a hit on the holdings of Moore's Fried Foods' common stock.
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Comparing the similarity of responses received from studies in Amazon's Mechanical Turk to studies conducted online and with direct recruitment.
For instance, the chefs on the platform Homemade--far different from Uber drivers or Mechanical Turk workers--have the power to determine the prices of their meals and what dishes to offer.
Similarly, the use of Mechanical Turk may raise questions about validity (e.
Anyone can sign up to be a Mechanical Turk worker (get started at www.
In addition to a web-based editor for designing HITs, Amazon Mechanical Turk reportedly offers sample templates to help Requesters get started (Requester is a term for users that want to get work done).
Nownow uses Mechanical Turk to find people willing (and capable) of supplying answers to questions.
Leveraging Amazon Mechanical Turk as a key architectural component, Alegion's self-service workflow designer allows large businesses to integrate crowd labor tasks into their complex business processes.
com/mturk/welcome) Amazon's Mechanical Turk to crowd source data, shows when a social media user is depressed it's revealed in the photos they post on Instagram.
The scientists asked volunteers, recruited from Amazon's Mechanical Turk, to share their Instagram feed as well as their mental health history.
The studies were programmed on Qualtrics survey software and recruited participants from the Mechanical Turk platform, for a compensation of 25 cents.

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