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Me-Too Product

A product created by a company that is similar to a competitor's product in order to prevent that competitor from maximizing its market share. Creating me-too products is considered risky because the company may lack the knowledge or expertise necessary to create a competitive product.

‘me-too’ product

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Innovations such as thin strips, orodispersible microgranules and nasal swabs have moved the CCA market forward, but more is needed to sustain sales in the face of encroaching generics and me-too products.
As the former president or CEO at branded pharma, generic and a cutting edge rare disease company, he went on to warn the grads that there were hundreds of new drugs at FDA pending approval, some will be great new therapies, others will not nothing more than me-too products of marginal value, but most importantly we don't know pricing on a single one of those products yet and how they will impact hospital and healthsystem budgets.
We believe our products are very innovative but some bold decisions need to be mode about the extent to which retailers will allow major companies to offer me-too products.
These are not me-too products," said Ian Mullaney, the American office's vice president of sales and marketing.
Instead of relying on commodity-style, me-too products, the exhibitors were looking for success through value-added, proprietary products that will hopefully advance the role of nonwovens in consumer and industrial markets alike.
Moreover, private label houses, often only a couple of months behind national brand launches, introduce me-too products.
We don't have the luxury of coming out with me-too products, because we don't have the name that some of the other (companies) have,'' he said.
In order to differentiate their offerings in a competitive market flooded with me-too products, TV manufacturers keep packing their products with highly sought-after technologies and features in order to attract consumers to their brand and TV models," said Allen H.
Clubhouse's performance separates it from me-too products, enhancing the value proposition for those seeking to take their outdoor living space to the next level.
There are lots of me-too products and marketing noise, which could undermine the category," says Chris McDonough, marketing and R&D director at Muller.
To get over the uncertainty, the company is being aggressive with its new products, showing items with more color and fun patterns, "not me-too products," said Rizzo.
It's the latter environment that continues to introduce me-too products.