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Material good has its tax, and if it came without desert or sweat, has no root in me, and the next wind will blow it away.
Smail searches through court records in Marseilles, France and Lucca, Italy to identify material goods that creditors took from households as payment for debts during the 14th century.
Object is the recycling of material goods in the context of auctions and / or direct sales by a suitable auction company.
We find that supportive parents and peers boost adolescents' self-esteem, which decreases their need to embrace material goods as a way to develop positive self-perceptions.
of Glasgow), an underdeveloped Europe presented a poor selection of material goods, and so people developed and practiced their skills as shoppers on the variety of religious forms that were on offer.
While the material goods being donated by the church will make the children's lives more comfortable, Meenke said, the main gift church members want to share with the children is love.
Goldthwaite argues that Renaissance concepts such as magnificence and civilta incorporated economic outlooks condoning consumption of material goods and monetized human relations that distinguished them from earlier, medieval corporate values and suspiciousness of wealth.
There is nothing wrong with bread; there is nothing wrong with eating; there is nothing wrong with this world's goods, but there is something very wrong with making material goods into a replacement for spiritual goods.
The growing ownership of new material goods by Whickham's householders reflected rising levels of prosperity; new "decencies" were gradually working their way through the domestic market.
Contract Awarded for in the Province Within Our Primary / Secondary Management Needs of 15 Items To Be Used in the Purchase of School Equipment Material Goods.

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