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The reverence for one another, as those exercising such a will, call I marriage.
Lord Deas delivered a recent judgment of marriage in Scotland, from the bench, in these words: 'Consent makes marriage.
Since their marriage Natasha and her husband had lived in Moscow, in Petersburg, on their estate near Moscow, or with her mother, that is to say, in Nicholas' house.
The purse was accompanied by a letter, in which the mother implored the daughter to forego the fatal marriage if it were still possible to do so.
I was telling Katharine a few little commonplaces about marriage," she said, with a little laugh.
No doubt the old cheery publicity is a little embarrassing to the two most concerned, and the old marriage customs, the singing of the bride and bridegroom to their nuptial couch, the frank jests, the country horse-play, must have fretted the souls of many a lover before Shelley, who, it will be remembered, resented the choral celebrations of his Scotch landlord and friends by appearing at his bedroom door with a brace of pistols.
The marriage in that instant consummated results in a threefold Male and Female offspring which takes its place in Lineland.
I envy them all the sight they had when the marriage was fairly ended and Adam led Dinah out of church.
While the question of marriage was still in debate, an event occurred which exercised a serious influence on Hardyman's future plans.
Every argument seemed to be against undertaking the burden of marriage until he came to Rachel's argument, which was manifestly absurd.
Noel Vanstone of coming to the house in the character of a sweetheart on approval; and she had dimly interpreted certain expressions of impatience which had fallen from Magdalen's lips as boding ill for the success of his suit, but her utmost penetration had never reached as far as a suspicion of the impending marriage.
To the mistress of the house, and to all who inhabit it or enter it, she is known as Grace Roseberry, the orphan relative by marriage of Lady Janet Roy.