marketable title

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Marketable title

A clear, reasonably incontestable title to a piece of real estate that is good for transaction purposes.

Marketable Title

Title to real estate where ownership is not disputed and documented so clearly that it is not disputable. Most of the time, property may only be sold if it has a marketable title.

marketable title

Clear title to real estate without any liens,encumbrances,or adverse claims such as would be considered defects. A power line easement is technically an encumbrance, but most would not consider it such an impediment as to prevent marketable title unless the property was zoned for residential use and the power line easement covered so much of the lot that property became unbuildable.

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Tenders are invited for Offers in two bid systems from Owners/Builders/Developers having clear and marketable titles over land build up property having carpet area of 1700-2000 sq.
We also continue to pursue the exclusive licensing of new, marketable titles and to hone our sales and marketing efforts.
Pre-Qualification: Well-constructed premises for commercial use, having clear and marketable titles with bu permission / occupation certificate/s and plans duly approved by local authority for its branches at following locations on main road on ground floor (preferably), having good visibility and sufficient parking space, in ready-to-occupy condition on lease basis with 1500-1800 sq.