market research

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Market research

A technical analysis of factors such as volume, price trends, and market breadth that are used to predict price movement.

Market Research

Research into consumer or client needs or desires so a company can make or customize products to fit them. For example, market research may involve conducting surveys of target clients (say, a particular demographic) to identify what they most would like to see in the industry in which the company is involved. Market research is important for most companies but especially for companies with a high client turnover.

market research

an aspect of MARKETING RESEARCH which is concerned with the collection and analysis of information about a particular market.
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The commercial part of the market survey is to be provided at the latest 2 weeks after publication of the document.
acts as a consultant to the real estate and financial communities, providing specialized reports, market surveys and feasibility studies from their extensive database.
The guides also contain editorial, including market surveys, largest leases, on new construction and maps.
The Market Survey of Chinese Solar Cell and Solar Panel Manufacturers includes key market trends in sales (2002-2006) and capacities (2002-2007) and individual profiles on the companies.
Biodiesel 2020: A Global Market Survey is designed to help financiers, producers, developers, distributors, consultants and analysts with a fact-filled market guide detailing medium and long-term trends and developments in the global Biodiesel sector.
org where OIDA's annual Global Market Survey and Forecast is available for sale.
The report draws on both the extensive TWGA historical databases and current market survey reports to provide a complete picture of planned investment in digital imaging hardware.
The market survey examines the process by which organizations identify and develop individuals who show promise for future senior leadership roles.
E[acute accent]Biodiesel 2020: A Global Market Survey will be published September 20, 2006.
A market survey of attitudes and perceptions of shippers and carriers (including logistics, freight forwarders and express companies) present in the China market providing an insight into the latest trends and developments.
A new market survey, co-produced by RHR International and The Institute of Executive Development, examines the process by which organizations identify and develop individuals who show promise for future senior leadership roles.
the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS) with over 300 million deployments, today announced that its ThreadX(R) RTOS scored highly in the 2006 CMP Media "State of Embedded Market Survey," of 1,217 embedded developers.