market research

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Market research

A technical analysis of factors such as volume, price trends, and market breadth that are used to predict price movement.

Market Research

Research into consumer or client needs or desires so a company can make or customize products to fit them. For example, market research may involve conducting surveys of target clients (say, a particular demographic) to identify what they most would like to see in the industry in which the company is involved. Market research is important for most companies but especially for companies with a high client turnover.

market research

an aspect of MARKETING RESEARCH which is concerned with the collection and analysis of information about a particular market.
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acts as a consultant to the real estate and financial communities, providing specialized reports, market surveys and feasibility studies from their extensive database.
In addition to their publications, Yale Robbins acts as consultant to the real estate and financial communities, providing specialized reports, market surveys and feasibility studies from their extensive data base 40,000 to 50,000 bits of information.
The Market Survey of Chinese Solar Cell and Solar Panel Manufacturers includes key market trends in sales (2002-2006) and capacities (2002-2007) and individual profiles on the companies.
Brad Cribbins, President and COO of Alliance Residential, number 7 on the National Multifamily Housing Council's Top 50', added, "One of many benefits of BI:Radix for us at Alliance has been real time market survey rent data that updates market comps automatically at the same time you update your property each week," .
As explained below, this market survey is intended for both electricity as gas meter suppliers.
Informal market survey aimed at identifying interested economic operators to participate in the proceedings to be launched by this Administration for the concession of the Management of vending machines for hot and cold drinks to be installed at the premises of the Polytechnic of Turin metropolitan .
Lebby highlighted several key areas of market development culled from OIDA's annual Global Market Survey and Forecast.
Contract award: market survey, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a support system operations (sae) and related to the transport networks throughout the territory of the community benefits marseille provence metropole urban
This market survey serves as a call to a candidate (s) / suppliers of lighting fixtures for submitting a qualification file, in order to obtain a list of qualified manufacturers / suppliers with qualified products.
The report draws on both the extensive TWGA historical databases and current market survey reports to provide a complete picture of planned investment in digital imaging hardware.
This document is not an invitation to tender or to commence the publication of the invitation to tender, but this is a preliminary study and market survey information related to the request.