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Market break

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Market Break

A sudden, unexpected change in a security's price or in a market's value. While a market break could indicate either upward or downward change, the connotation is negative. Especially on the futures market, a market break means a steep decline in price, usually the result of a natural disaster affecting the underlying assets.

market break

See break.
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And, moreover, when you come right down to the bedrock, knight-errantry is WORSE than pork; for whatever happens, the pork's left, and so somebody's benefited anyway; but when the market breaks, in a knight-errantry whirl, and every knight in the pool passes in his checks, what have you got for assets?
Tenders are invited for This market is a market of supply contracts for the supply and delivery of equipment to the Centre competence AutoFORM, sis Boulevard Sainte Beuve 1 in 4000 Liege this market breaks down into 5 lots, namely:
Cities in Eastern Europe will be the cheapest Christmas market breaks this winter, according to a Post Office report.
com has launched its new range of 2010 Christmas market breaks comprising its biggest selection of Christmas markets ever, with over 550 departures to 15 UK and European countries by coach, air or cruise.
But if you would rather go on an escorted trip, a company called Great Rail Journeys has a selection of four and five-day Christmas market breaks - with departures between late November and mid December - to France, Germany and Switzerland.
For more information on our fantastic Christmas Market breaks or to request a brochure please call (0191) 201 6000 or (01642) 564422.
For details and a booking form write to: Christmas Market Breaks, Reader Services Dept, Evening Telegraph, Coventry CV1 1FP.
The proposal was based on a study of listed options capital requirements which was undertaken by OCC and CBOE following the market breaks of 1987 and 1989.
Clearly, there have been market crashes (1929), market breaks (1987) and market corrections (1989) when the prices of all securities plummeted precipitously.
It is best to keep your powder dry until the market breaks out of this range, but a rally is likely over the next week.
This market breaks down as follows:: - The production of heat for heating by hot water;: - The production of heat for the heating of domestic hot water (including: ECS production by electric balloon);: - Ancillary services:: 1.
Uk christmas Market Breaks ( Travel on a fantastic Christmas Market break with Evening Chronicle Travel and find some Christmas goodies, hearty festive cheer and the aroma of warming mulled wine filling the area.