margin agreement

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Margin agreement

The agreement governing customers' margin accounts.

Margin Agreement

An agreement between a brokerage and a client governing a margin account. The margin agreement enables the client to borrow from the brokerage in order to buy securities. The agreement details what collateral must be placed on the account and the other duties each party must fulfill. The client must sign the margin agreement before the margin account is created.

margin agreement

The written document that describes the functioning of a margin account and permits a customer's broker to pledge securities in the account as collateral for loans. A customer must sign a margin agreement before undertaking trades on credit in an account. Compare customer's loan agreement.
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The module is a repository for the margin agreements, providing margin processing, reporting and reconciliation with brokers.
Beyond this, risk can be mitigated by the use of central counterparties or bilateral margin agreements, called credit support annexes (CSAs).
If banks and dealers see their costs rise, they will pass them through to end users in bid-ask spreads and might require bilateral margin agreements with end users.
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the regulatory agency working to implement Dodd-Frank, non-financial end-users would be required to obtain a CSA to describe how their company's swap transactions would be covered under collateral or margin agreements.
It's important to note that increasing rates of CPAP resupply orders and higher margin agreements are key barometers for how we are successfully providing timely and high-quality sleep management programs," added Nelson.
18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Document Sciences Corporation today announced xPressContracts, a revolutionary new way for financial organizations to initiate, negotiate and manage contracts such as Prime Brokerage Agreements, Margin Agreements, ISDA Master Agreements, CSA's and others, all within a collaborative solution that uses Microsoft(R) Word as the business user tool.
to transfer client funds to his own corporation and forging client signatures on margin agreements to obtain unauthorized margin loans.
As the price of the Company's stock declined in Tuesday's trading, the brokerage firm sold all the pledged shares to satisfy margin calls in accordance with margin agreements.