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PitBull Foundation for Linux Product Highlights -- Identification & Authentication -- Discretionary Access Control -- Mandatory Access Control -- Mandatory Integrity Controls (MIC) -- Security Flags -- Trusted Computing Base -- Privileges -- Authorization Roles -- Auditing -- System Integrity Checking -- Advanced Secure Networking (CIPSO/RIPSO Controls) Contact: Mac MacGregor, Argus Systems Group 217-355-6308 mac@argus-systems.
Tresys' donation of hosting aims to further the growth of the vibrant community around SELinux, foster the continued development of features to make SELinux simpler to deploy and manage, and provides a location that can be used for coordination of the broader open source Mandatory Access Control (MAC) community.
Documentum Trusted Content Services offers the security features that customers rely on the most, including repository encryption for preventing security breaches at the file system level, electronic signatures for document and content authorization, mandatory access control for enforcing access-control policies of all content types, and digital shredding to ensure secure content disposal, which prevents forensic discovery of deleted content.
Solaris Trusted Extensions is a mandatory access control extension to the proven Solaris 10 security model.
In addition to real-time encryption, CREDANT Mobile Guardian enforces multiple levels of mandatory access control across disparate devices, including PIN, password and question/answer for self-service password reset.
Both Sun and the NSA will work with the OpenSolaris community to integrate an additional form of mandatory access control (MAC), based on the Flux Advanced Security Kernel (Flask) architecture.
The Smartner-Pointsec solution enables IT departments to create and enforce mandatory access control for their corporate users, configuring any details of each mobile login option.