Life expectancy

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Life expectancy

The length of time that an average person is expected to live, which is used by insurance companies use to make projections of benefit payouts.

Life Expectancy

The length of time the average person is anticipated to continue living. An insurance company may use the "official" life expectancy of a person at a certain age in determining the risk of a life insurance policy or annuity. Likewise, the IRS uses the average life expectancy to determine the required minimum distribution from IRAs. Often, the official life expectancy has only a rough relationship with an individual person's actual life expectancy.

Life expectancy.

Your life expectancy is the age to which you can expect to live. Actuarial tables establish your official life expectancy, which insurance companies use to evaluate the risk they take in selling you life insurance or an annuity contract.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also uses life expectancy to determine the distribution period you must use to calculate minimum required distributions from your retirement savings plans or traditional IRAs.

However, your true life expectancy, based on your lifestyle, family history, and other factors, may be longer or shorter than your official life expectancy.

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There are more widows than widowers, which accentuates the role of female life expectancy relative to male life expectancy.
Projected male life expectancy for 2020, for instance, has increased by five years over the last twenty years.
Russian experts agree that renewed heavy drinking of vodka is one of the prime reasons that male life expectancy has dropped so dramatically in Russia.
This decline has no precedent in industrialized societies; Russian male life expectancy is now the lowest of all developed countries.
It comes after a stark report last week revealed Stockton borough now has the greatest inequality in male life expectancy in the country - and the gap has widened in recent years.
Between 1998 and 2012, male life expectancy at birth rose from 75.
In the least deprived 10 per cent of local authority areas, the male life expectancy in 2011-13 was 82.
If Mr Burgess had commuted the full 25 per cent of his pension by the time he reaches the average male life expectancy age of 78 he would have netted an extra PS300,0000 annual pension, plus the extra PS74,829 lump sum bonus - taking his total promotion-linked payouts to PS374,829.
Today we reveal that the average male life expectancy in Tranmere is 66.
Yet male life expectancy averages at 78, so when a man suddenly dies at a much younger age without any prior health warnings then it is shocking for all who knew him.
The lot of men was even worse in the Central African Republic where average male life expectancy in 2010 was 43.
Between the different parts of the city, male life expectancy at birth ranges from 68.